Thoughts flutter down...

...like snowflakes on the wind

24 July 1975
Wow, I think I have been here a long time. This started out as a place for my Harry Potter fan fiction. If you look at the side bar there is a link to that list. I stopped writing after the last book came out, so all of the fic is pre-HP7. It is all het pairings or gen. The most prevalent pairing is Harry/Ginny, but there are some Ron/Hermione, George/Luna and Neville/Susan Bones as well as one Lucius/Narcissa.

At this point, I am mostly using this journal to stay in touch with friends I made through that fandom and as an account to comment on fic in the newer fandoms that I have discovered. In the past, most of my reading has been in the Merlin fandom, other fandoms I read in are Star Trek Reboot and Sherlock. I enjoyed X-Men first class and read a tiny bit there. I watch Downton Abby and it is probably only a matter of time before I start reading fic in that fandom as well.

Any questions, feel free to ask.