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In honor of Drama-Free Tuesday...

A meme and some pics:

The Last Meme from shocolate

* Last Cigarette: About 8:30am Monday August 28, 2006 about half an hour before I took a positive pregnancy test.
* Last Alcoholic Drink: Woodchuck Hard Cider sometime in July of this year.
* Last Car Ride: Took my mom back to the soybean field last night around 8pm.
* Last Kiss: Dave before he left for work and Max before naptime.
* Last Good Cry: I can remember my last good one.
* Last Library Book checked out: I have no idea, probably something that I was writing a paper about when I was in grad school.
* Last Movie Seen in Theater: OotP (sad isn’t it?)
* Last Book Read: Wicked (finally, I know)
* Last Movie Rented: The Queen
* Last Cuss Word Uttered: Damn
* Last Crush: Clive Owen
* Last TV Show Watched: Today Show
* Last Time Showered: Yesterday afternoon
* Last Shoes Worn: Brown suede Vans
* Last CD Played: Victor Vitto and Freddie Vasco by Laurie Berker
* Last Item Bought: Loaf of bread
* Last Download: Anti-virus update
* Last Annoyance: Grandma’s knee going out while Grandpa’s arm is broken.
* Last Disappointment: Not getting to go out for my anniversary due to family issues above.
* Last Soda: Cherry Diet Pepsi.
* Last Thing Written: LJ entries. Sad sad sad!!!
* Last Key Used: Jeep key
* Last Word(s) Spoken: “No not yet.”
* Last Sleep: Wee man let me sleep till 6:15am this morning.
* Last IM: It was to Fiddy can’t remember what I said.
* Last Sexual Fantasy: I don’t even know if I remember
* Last Weird Encounter: Telemarketer or bill collector (not sure which) who freaked out on me while I was trying to get a pen to take a message as he had asked for my husband. The guy started to say “Get off my phone!” over and over again like a mantra. I had no idea what happened, I think he may have had a psychotic break while he was calling me!!!!
* Last Ice Cream Eaten: Dairy Queen Vanilla
* Last Time Amused: Max having a “conversation” with his 4 year old cousin about tractors.
* Last Time Wanting To Die: I don’t think that I ever have.
* Last Time Hugged: Max this morning.
* Last Time Scolded: My mother seems to scold me kindly about something or other every day I think.
* Last Time Resentful: Yesterday when I was trapped in the car.
* Last Chair Sat In: The one I am sitting in now…
* Last Underwear Worn: Pink
* Last Bra Worn: Black lace nursing bra.
* Last Shirt Worn: Blue long sleeve v-neck tee
* Last Webpage Visited: gmail








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Oct. 7th, 2008 04:17 pm (UTC)

Child + grampa + massive huge tractor thingies ALWAYS = the best pics EVAH!!!!!

Oct. 7th, 2008 04:48 pm (UTC)
That is so cool. Max looks like he had so much fun. And I never knew Tractors could be so big.
*is city dork*
Oct. 7th, 2008 05:24 pm (UTC)
OMG that little face! *squeeses*
Oct. 7th, 2008 06:21 pm (UTC)
He's soo cute! That last photo has made me grin so much - and I spend most of my day around kids.

I'm also surprised to see that I retain my ability to recognise the make of tractors from the colour. That's a rural upbringing for you.
Oct. 7th, 2008 10:09 pm (UTC)
God, he's so cute. And he has grown so much!
Oct. 22nd, 2008 08:38 pm (UTC)
So beautiful. God, two years? NO WAY!
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