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A Broken Sunrise: Part Four

Sorry for the long break but GoF and American Thanksgiving have been keeping me busy! But... Here it is! Part four!

Title: A Broken Sunrise
Pairings: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Lupin/Tonks and Molly/Arthur
Rating: PG-13

As always Jo is a benevolent goddess and I am just a mere follower of her greatness.

Here are the links to Part One , Part Two and Part Three

Part Four:

Ginny’s head shot up from the edge of Harry’s bed where it had fallen as she slept in her chair. He was holding her hand, squeezing it hard enough to break her fingers. She nearly cried out in pain before what was happening sank in, and then she nearly shouted in joy. Madame Pomfrey had, however, warned Ginny not to do anything to wake Harry so she held her tongue. She stared down at Harry’s face as his grip began to ease, and she watched as it relaxed as well. He was peaceful again. Ginny on the other hand wanted to shout from the rooftops.

The hand in hers was still holding on to her, loosely, but still… Harry was holding her hand. Ginny’s fingers were aching from his pressure on them earlier, but she didn’t care. A thought floated to the forefront of her mind and she nearly gave in to a fit of giggles. Her father told her once that her mother had broken one of his fingers when she was giving birth to Charlie. Her mother didn’t know as Arthur never felt the need to tell her. The Healer had fixed him up in a trice right before handing him his second son. Ginny leaned down next to Harry’s ear; she could feel his breath steady and slow against her cheek as she whispered.

“Harry, love, you are going to have to wake up if I am ever going to get a chance to pay you back for that one.” Ginny brushed her lips softly against Harry’s cheek before she resumed her vigil.


Remus struggled to keep his eyes open. Tonks was morphing in her sleep. Her nose was shifting back and forth between two of her favorites as her head lay on the pillow next to his. He had seen her do it before, but now he did not want to miss these tiny idiosyncrasies that were his future wife. Maybe he should have waited to ask her, but it was really settled long before. He saw no need to stand on pretense and have it be a big production, but maybe they should have had their clothes on when he asked. Well, he had been down on his knees at least.

Remus chuckled to himself as he pulled Tonks closer to him. She wrapped her arms and legs around his tired body in her sleep. Remus took his wand quietly from the bedside table and flicked the curtains closed against the bright noonday sun. Maybe they would get up for dinner he thought as he closed his eyes. Surely Harry would be awake by then; Remus wouldn’t allow himself to think any differently.


“Ron,” Hermione yawned out his name as Ron levitated the lunch trays to the floor. “Maybe we should go see Harry.” She rubbed her eyes, but the lids were still heavy with a need for more sleep. Ron opened his arms as he nestled back down in the bed and Hermione settled naturally into them as she had so many nights before. He would never cease to be amazed that he could be so much for her: that his presence was her safety in the dark; that his arms had been her source of peace in the threat of danger; that they could finally relax and sleep without fear.

“You need more sleep, love.” Ron kissed her forehead as she tucked her head into his chest. He let his fingers wind slowly though the frizzy mass of curls, before pulling the blankets back up to cover them. “You have been taking care of Harry and me for months; Ginny deserves to have a turn with him.” She nodded slightly and Ron watched as her eyes drifted closed and her breathing slowed. His world in that face, the peaceful sleeping face that was now rising and falling with his own breath.

Voldemort was gone, really, truly, finally gone. It hit him like a wave and Ron’s breath hitched causing Hermione’s head to bob out of rhythm. They were safe. Hermione was still here with him. He would never leave her. He could marry her and watch her grow old. He could watch their children playing in afternoon sunshine and hold them when they had nightmares. Maybe, some night, Ron would be able to finally let his eyes close in sleep before hers and then she could watch him at peace.


Tonks rolled over; she wasn’t sure how long she had slept. There was still sunlight peeking from behind the closed curtains, but it was not as bright as it had been when she had finally drifted off to sleep. Remus’ face was beside hers on the pillow, its lines softened. She wondered what it was that he was dreaming of, if he was dreaming of her. He was so strong, so brave, so passionate when he finally allowed himself the luxury. He was her Remus.

A smile quirked her face as she watched him. It had been real; Remus had asked her, Nymphadora Tonks, to marry him. She had said yes, practically begging him to make her his wife in between a flurry of kisses and caresses. Tonks traced the line of a long scar across Remus’ bare shoulder and suppressed a giggle. Nymphadora Lupin? No. She was going to have to hyphenate her name; there was no way in the world that she would lose Tonks.


It had been a long time since Arthur Weasley had held his wife as she slept on a couch. Possibly as long ago as the Gryffindor common room, he wasn’t sure. They had married so soon after they had finished school, and in those early days it was always a race to the bedroom. Madame Pomfrey had forced a Sleeping Potion on Molly soon after she had gotten lunch for the children. Arthur had convinced her that she did not need to sit with Ron and Hermione, and Molly herself had admitted that she could not intrude on Ginny’s vigil over Harry. Arthur smiled down at the fly away red hair that was spread across his chest. There were grays seeping in at Molly’s temples, and he marveled that they had been afforded this gift. They would see their children’s children, great-grandchildren even, if they were lucky.

Two wars, one over aching evil that was now gone forever. The first war had taken her brothers, the second her children’s innocence and safety; but they were safe now. Arthur kissed the forehead of his sleeping wife and reveled in the instinctive movement of her arm closing tighter on his waist; he marveled because he knew that it would happen as soon as he touched his lips to her skin. They were safe now, and half of his children knew what love was. The kind of love that led a man and a woman forward in the face of fear, the kind of love that held families together through death and destruction, the kind of love that saw gray hairs as a gift. They were very lucky indeed.


He had been aching from curses when his hand closed on the handle of the locked door. He did not know why it had opened for him this time, but it had and Voldemort was right behind him when the door swung wide. All was light and then he saw his parents and heard Sirius’ barking laugh. It had been almost perfect, except for the aching that something was wrong, something was missing.

“Ginny…” She was missing, he wasn’t whole without her. He couldn’t leave her behind. His mother knew that, he wasn’t sure how he knew this but he did. Lily had known that he had to go back for her. Harry couldn’t live without Ginny, he knew that now, and he would not die without having lived. Maybe that was his mother’s final gift to him: the life she had saved him for that night so long ago.

“Harry…” It was a whisper, but he heard it, he felt her hand so warm in his. He pulled it to his chest as his eyes fluttered open. She was here with him, and suddenly her face was inches from his.

“Ginny,” it was a sigh or a prayer from his lips and he dropped her hand to put his arms around her. Her hair was across his face and her body was shaking with sobs, her breath and tears hot against his neck. “Ginny, oh Ginny…” He mumbled her name over and over as he pulled her awkwardly onto the bed with him, hands fumbling through her hair, wanting so much to feel her warm and whole against him, never wanting to not feel her close.

“You came back to me,” Ginny whispered wetly into his ear. Her legs were tangled with his through the covers and her weight was half on top of him grounding him into reality. Her scent was filling him, her heartbeat was pounding through him; she was making him whole. Harry turned his head and found her lips, slowly and softly tasting her tears and sweetness. She met him in a kiss of loving reverence that soon had Harry pulling and kicking the covers from between them.

“I couldn’t leave without you,” he muttered breathlessly as they broke apart momentarily. He felt Ginny smile against his lips, grope around on the bedside table, heard her whisper a spell that banished the covers to the foot of the bed and then Summon them back. Harry reached out to touch Ginny’s face, staring back into the love in her eyes, “It was my Mum; she wouldn’t let me leave you.”

“Your Mum?” Ginny’s eyes went wide. Harry nodded and pulled Ginny down so they were facing each other. He kissed her softly and grasped her hands in his as he pulled back and met her startled gaze. As he looked into her eyes, Harry thought of a time long ago when Dumbledore had made him speak against his will. The way that he had expelled the poison of that night just by telling the story to Sirius and Dumbledore: the story of Cedric, Wormtail and Voldemort. That night had come into focus in the telling of that story, and though the ending now was so very different from the ending of that story it still had to be told. They were all gone now, the ones who had heard his stories first so many times before. It was ironic, Harry mused sadly, that this last time that he faced Voldemort would be the first time that Dumbledore would not be there to interpret his tale. But that was the past, and he was now staring into the eyes of his future. It didn’t matter how it had all happened, because it had and he was here to tell the tale. And Ginny was here to listen to its telling.

“Ginny, I love you, you are the reason I am alive,” Harry paused to take in the richness of her smile before he went on, “And I need to tell you everything.” Ginny nodded silently and listened patiently, lovingly while Harry poured out a young lifetime’s worth of pain, horror, and fear.


Ginny listened. She let Harry crush her fingers in anger at the past. She grew nauseous at his recounting of tortures. She cried when Harry cried and they held each other through the tears. Ginny ached from the weight of a burden that Harry had finally allowed her to share. And she loved him with her silence. Harry poured out this poison and Ginny drank it in deeply. Because it was a gift. Because it belonged to Harry and that meant that it belonged to her. Because long, long ago in what seemed a different life, Harry had saved her; and this morning as the sun came up, Harry told her quietly, Ginny had saved him.



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Nov. 29th, 2005 04:31 am (UTC)

I know that you don't know me, but I love all of your work on SIYE and I was going through some major withdrawal from A Broken Sunrise, when I found out that you have a livejournal, where you post your work. Anyway, lo and behold, you posted the end of the story! Yay!

I just wanted to say that I think that you're an excellent writer, and I love the way that you can write so many different emotions successfully. I actually found myself crying during a lot of this last installment, and I usually don't cry unless something's really, really good. Hee.

And I'm curious: do you have any plans to continue writing other stories in this universe? Or is A Broken Sunrise the final, final one of the series?

In any case, I hope to see more of your writing soon, because it's really some of my favorite Harry/Ginny stuff.

Nov. 29th, 2005 05:28 pm (UTC)
Ah thank you so much dear! I have submitted the fourth chapter to Sink, but it seems to be taking them awhile to put it up.

I really don't have any plans per se but then none of this has really been planned, it is all just a result of rabid plot bunny nibbles. I do like this universe, but that said there are already things that I might like to change.

Thanks again for your review I do appreciate it! I am sure that there will be more Harry/Ginny stuff here in the near future, because well I just can't seem to stop ;)

Nov. 30th, 2005 04:22 am (UTC)
Wow... That was amazing!

I loved so much of this story, the letter at the beginning was heart-wrenching (in a good way); the interaction between Hermione and Ron, and Harry and Ginny; and the ending was perfect!

Thank you for a brilliant read!

Dec. 1st, 2005 05:00 am (UTC)
Hey vid can you post more comments so I can see Harry staring at me with that soulful look????? ;)

Glad you liked it!!
Dec. 2nd, 2005 02:28 am (UTC)
It was Brilliant! I actually got teary when he woke up! You always do such a smashing job of letting us feel along with ALL the characters, Arthur/Molly, Ron/Hr, Tonks/Lupin... everyone!

I love your stories! ;) (PS I agree about the soulful look too -- Vid should come post at my journal -- I like the icon a LOT! ;) )
Dec. 2nd, 2005 02:42 am (UTC)
Oh I am glad you liked it dear! Thanks for the kind words I do appreciate them.

Hope all is well with you!
Dec. 2nd, 2005 08:42 pm (UTC)
Yes Yes... all is well -- Nothing profound has really happend to me lately, so I haven't really had much to post about... but at least i do get around to read all the fics I love... else I'd never know whether you are alive or not! Is this just a fic journal?
Dec. 2nd, 2005 09:13 pm (UTC)
For the most part yeah I guess that it is. I do most of my playing around, theorizing, complaining about real life, and general socializing at my forum site www.apparitionpoint.com It was the first place that I found like minded grown ups to discuss Harry Potter with so it is really my virtual home. And I have know many of the members for about a year and a half now. Some of the friends I made there actually came to visit me so we could all go see GoF together. If you stopped by there you would definitely know that I am alive because I post there TONS of times a day.
Dec. 2nd, 2005 03:49 am (UTC)
....as usual
Another excellent piece of work. I was waiting for the entire extended Weasley family to come pouring in and was glad they did not. Wonderful ending to another wonderful story.

So this is my third written review (Yarn, Leathers and now Sunrise) of your stories and I have been impressed with the different styles used in each one. I will await a fourth.

Thank you. -Mdreader
Apr. 8th, 2006 04:45 pm (UTC)
Oh wow! *sniff* What a story! What an ending! Great job! You made me feel the story, the characters, what was happening. Brilliant. Really brilliant.
Apr. 8th, 2006 05:26 pm (UTC)
Thanks for taking the time to read the series. YOu are lucky you got to it after it was finished! Think of all the poor souls who had to wait for me to update LOL.

I saw that you had friended me and I have friended you back. Seems we have many of the same interests. My platinum blond yellow lab is named Spike for a reason ;-)
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