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I've been watching the Discovery Channel

Phil had me cringing every time that he coughed...

and every time he lit another cigarette.

I remember trying to smoke when I had a bad cold,(Stupid, yes, but part of the smoker's life) and how much that hurt. I cannot imagine how much pain he was in.

I am glad that I watched After the Catch or else I would have been really worried for his actual survival.

My little sister is home from the Dominican Republic for the next two weeks. Apparently, you DO get paid vacations from the Peace Corps. They just don't pay very well. :)

So sorry if I have been negelecting my commenting, between my sister, the wee man, and trying to finish Fearless Fourteen, I have not had as much computer time.


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Jun. 25th, 2008 11:06 am (UTC)
Tell me about it!!! I was so upset every time he coughed and then when he wouldn't answer everyone and when the nurse said, I think you need to see a specialist.

I did notice he wasn't smoking on After the Catch.
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