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My younger sister called today.

She is working with the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic.

The water was chest-deep in her house when she and her host mother caught a ride on a truck to another town. She was able to get out with her laptop and her wallet. All of her other belongings were in her house. Her boyfriend refused to leave with her because his mother was refusing to leave her house in the Batey.

The one semi-dependable cell tower near by was knocked out by the storm, so she has no way yet of finding out if anyone in the village that she has lived and worked in for the last year and a half is okay.

Keep her in your thoughts and prayers if you pray, and thank you for doing so.


Nov. 1st, 2007 08:42 am (UTC)
Oh....I sent you an owl at AP....if you don't see it...I'm going to try and call you tomorrow....was going to tonight but thought it was too late, you being with the Grandparents and all...