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Better Today

I am much better today. I only choked up a little when I kissed the wee man goodbye this morning.

Last night was nice. Max was awake and alert and wanting to play with his mommy for almost four hours after I got home. Also work let me drive the office mail to our regional office which is just across town from my house. It gets me home about 45 minutes earlier as I have to get the mail to that office before it closes at 5 instead of having to leave my office in another county at 5.

Also Max slept well last night which was great because I was exhausted! He slept form about 9pm to 4am. I woke up at four and felt like I could have gotten ready for the day!

I didn't. I am not that crazy. Max was knocked out after he ate, I pumped off the extra and then Max and I went back to bed. He woke up again at 5:30 for a pre-breakfast snack. And then I had to wake him up when my alarm went off at 6:30am. He was rather cheerful this morning.

Right now I am debating about if I should go and get DH at midnight or just wait until Saturday morning so that I can get some sleep Friday night. I can run out to our little neighborhood Wal-Mart and get it and I shouldn't have to stand in a big line like at the bookstores. And Max should be asleep then anyway. I just don't want to mess with his schedul, but it seems that he has messed that up pretty well on his own with his refusal to nap while daddy is in charge.

I remain unspoiled and I am glad. I prefer to find things out when I turn the page and read them :)

Thanks to my great flist for being so diligent with the cuts when they want to talk spoilery stuff. I appreciate that as well as all the advice and support that you guys and gals have offered.



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Jul. 20th, 2007 02:43 am (UTC)
SOOO good to hear things are going a little better! It was only last week at this time, we were all together! Whatever you decide to do about the book....I'll be in YIM sooooo....
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