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O Christmas Tree!

We got our tree yesterday!

It is still naked, but it is up and it smells lovely! It is a Fraiser Fir. I have always liked them because I think they show off your ornaments very nicely. We go with the whole eclectic all kinds of ornaments of all shapes and colors theme here. I will take pics when I get it all decorated. Oh and the Slytherin has just carried all of the lights and ornaments up from the basement! And he actually went to the grocery store with me today. It truly was a Christmas miracle!

Slytherin goes back to the doctor tomorrow. He says that he has been feeling better and he really does seem to be. Which is nice just in time for the holidays when he has to put up with his family and then mine.

Oh, I found some maternity clothes that fit at Old Navy and they were the cheapest place that I have looked. I was very very excited. I had to call ladytonks as soon as I got to the parking lot just to share my joy.

I still have Christmas shopping to do and it is INSANE out there this year. Most days I am just to tired to do much after work, and the weekends are just plain madness at the stores. I have done some online shopping, but oddly not near as much as I did last year.

OMG has anybody else seen THIS???? Too funny! Too bad I already got something for my dad.

We are still in deliberations for Blue Puff names.

I am tempted to post what I would like for Christmas, but I would hate that anyone on my flist would think that they should get stuff for me. I have have gotten my first international Christmas card of the season thanks to dr_susannah!! New Zealand wins this year! ;)



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Dec. 12th, 2006 02:37 am (UTC)
Oh good lordy....we still have to get our tree! The hubby put the rest of the lights up yesterday to only find that one strand isn't lighting up *eye roll* And don't get me started on the Xmas shopping!

OMG...that Monty Python doll is a crack up!

I'm so please to hear the Slytherin is doing well!

I know I got Doc's card on Saturday too..my first international one!
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