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Happy Friday Eve!

Welcome to Thursday, unless it is already or almost Friday where you are and then I am glad that your weekend is close at hand.

Thursday is a good day. Smallville and Supernatural are both on tonight. Which makes for a nice warm up for Battlestar Galactica and YIM chatting tomorrow night. It is the beginning of the month so work is suddenly all relaxed again.

Also today I am scheduled to take a client from the little town where I work in to Lexington to get glasses at Lenscrafters (they have a charitable progam where they will make the glasses for free with a referral from a community agency, very nice for the fixed income folks). The bad thing is that the client is a wee bit hard of hearing, so my ears will be ringing by the time I get back to the office this afternoon, BUT the good thing is that I get to have lunch at Steak n' Shake! Hmmmmmmm. I love Steak n' Shake.

A Frisco Melt and a small order of cheese fries = 75 grams of carbs = what Tory can have for lunch.

Steak n' Shake makes me very happy, and it isn't just the prospect of getting to eat beef for lunch. Steak n' Shake started in Illinios near the area that I grew up in, so I have been going to Steak n' Shake since I was a wee little girl. I was thrilled when they built one in Lexington and I made all of my friends go and get milkshakes and steak burgers there. I think for one I just like their attitude, they have fun commercials and amusing palcemats. I also enjoy the black and white decor, and the little hats that the guys working the grill have to wear. And well, there are the cheese fries...

Anyway it is shaping up to be a good Thursday. The sun is actually out again even though it is a bit nippy here. All in all I am going to try my best to have a good day, I hope you do too.


And the meme that natertatersmom made, to which I make no promises on the timing or number of responses that I actually get to, but I do promise to try:

So, here's the deal. Ask me a question or give me a topic and over the coming days I will devote a post to it. If it's something of which I am totally ignorant, I will confess it. If it is something of which I am totally ignorant but I am interested in or I just totally want to butt kiss, I will research the topic and THEN post. Be personal, philosophical, controversial or just curious about what I think Ron and Hermione's favorite position is. THEN, you can be pretentious and self important and post this ME meme on YOUR journal too!!!!


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Nov. 2nd, 2006 04:04 pm (UTC)
Hope you have fun with your cheese fries! We all have guilty pleasures of stuff from childhood. I still love Benihana, even though it's really too greasy for my tastes now, because we went for birthdays and such when I was a little kid. We moved around too much to get into any local chains, but Benihana was always around somewheres....

Anyway, a question....think, think....Of the four main characters, Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione, who do you think would go on to make an impact on Wizarding life after the defeat of Voldemort? Will Harry end up Minister of MAgic with twelve children, or will he have a quiet retirement and Hermione will end up as Minister? Or will Luna end up running the Quibbler as the major newspaper of the wizarding world, and be the most influencial?
Nov. 2nd, 2006 05:00 pm (UTC)
Question for Tory!!

*rubs hands* *Giggles evily* *Goes blank - VERY blank*

I am going to keep this in the fandom, as that is just easier. (I don't want to keep you up researching anything... lol) And I'll give you a choice between 2 - how's that.

1) 7 things. Name 7 things you would like to have happen in Bk7, and 7 things you wouldn't like to have happen. If you are daring, you can add 7 things that you think will happen in bk7.


2) Snape's loyalties. Where do they lie?
Nov. 2nd, 2006 08:04 pm (UTC)
It all sounds good...glad you are enjoying your work LOL!
Nov. 3rd, 2006 12:59 am (UTC)
Steak n' Shake!! Yeah!! Now I'm homesick. My husband had never heard of it and always laughed at the name and never wanted to go there. But one day I insisted. Now he's a firm convert and the first thing we do when we get to a town in the US that is privileged to have a Steak and Shake is eat lunch or dinner or something in between with fries and shake. There's one just up the street from my parent's house, so he's much more reconciled to visiting the in-laws now.
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