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Visible Ink

Another fic. A little more Harry/Ginny fun and fluff.
No warnings on this one folks, it is fit for all.

Visible Ink

“I’m going; you don’t have to come if you don’t want to.”

“You’re serious, aren’t you?”

“No, I’m Harry.” A slight smile broke across his tired face, one that was truly happy.

“Ha. Ha. You really need a new joke, mate. You really want to do this?” There was a hint of fear in the question.

“Yeah, I told you this was the first thing that I was going to do when it was all over, and I meant it.” They turned another corner and kept walking.

“I thought you were joking. Hermione is going to kill me. We were all supposed to meet at the Burrow tonight for dinner. If I am not there when she gets back from her parents’…” He trailed off and Harry interrupted him.

“We’ll be there, Ron. It won’t take more than a few of hours. We will be there on time.” Harry tried to reassure him.

“Yeah but Mum will be furious wondering where we are.” Ron’s skepticism was evident in his voice as they passed a flower shop and rounded another corner.

“I sent Hedwig with a note. I told her we had something to do first and we would be there.”

“Yeah, but did you sent a note to Ginny? Cause I am having visions of you with some very large bats attacking your face if you didn’t.” Ron broke into a grin and seemed to be enjoying his thoughts.

“I just told her that it was a surprise.”

“Hmm, good luck with that.” Ron chuckled. “So, you know what you are going to get?”

“Yeah I have known for a long time.” Harry nodded with a solemn look on his face again. “You?”

“Well, I have an idea.” There was a slight blush rising to Ron’s ears, which Harry chose to ignore out of kindness. He didn’t want Ron backing out at the last minute. “Where are we going anyway?”


“Really?” Ron couldn’t hide his astonishment.

“Yeah, he can do it. He told me he could.” Harry answered simply.

“And you trust him? Didn’t you steal his girlfriend?”

“They broke up remember? Besides I think he rather enjoyed consoling Romilda.” A knowing grin passed between them.

“So is this going to hurt, a lot?” Ron tried to sound as if he didn’t really care about the answer to his question, but didn’t succeed.

“Not near as much as the Unforgivables we’ve been hit with. Where’s that Gryffindor bravery, Ronnikins?” Harry used his best Fred and George voice, and it seemed to work like a charm.

“Oh shut it! I was just asking.” Ron looked up at the street around them. “So are we close?”

“Just a bit farther down the street.” He pointed toward a small brick house that seemed to be appearing between to others as they approached.

“Ah, he’s pretty good with the Muggle repelling charms. Not bad.” Ron was obviously impressed as he watched the other houses pushed aside.

“Well, here we are. Are you sure you want to do this Ron? It might hurt.” Harry snickered at the look on Ron’s face, as he rang the bell. The door was answered quickly. “Dean.”

“Harry! So it’s over?” Dean was beaming at them.

“Yeah, it’s over.” Harry said it so plainly, he was surprised at himself.

“Well come on in. You want something to drink before we get started?” Dean ushered them into his living room.

“Yeah, I’ll take some fire whiskey if you got it.” Ron replied looking around the little house they had stepped into.

“Sure, I’ve been popping up to Hogsmeade now and again, that barman at the Hog’s Head was the only one who could get it there at the end.” Dean walked into the kitchen while Harry and Ron shared a knowing smile behind his back. Dean returned with a bottle and three glasses. “So who’s going first?”

“I am.” Harry said as Ron took his time filling and draining his glass of fire whiskey.

“Alright, just come back here. I’ve got everything set up in the back room. Business has been pretty good, considering there has been a war on.” Dean put down his glass and walked down the hall. “You want to watch Harry, Ron?”

“Nah, I’ll just wait my turn. Unless Harry needs me to hold his hand.” Ron gave Harry a wide grin as Harry sent Ron a non Molly Weasley approved hand gesture over his shoulder.

“So how exactly will this work?” Harry asked as he and Dean reached the small back room.

“Pretty similar to the way that Wizard photography works, use Muggle tools and enchanted ink.” Dean replied as Harry nodded. “So really there are only two questions. What and where?” Harry pulled something out of his pocket and set it on a small table next to bottles upon bottles of ink.

“This.” Harry replied, and took off his robes and t-shirt, “Here.” Dean smirked.

“Yeah that makes a lot of sense. I heard the rumors. I guess they are true?” Harry nodded without an explanation. “So do you want constant movement or mood adaptive ink?”

“Mood adaptive, I think.” Harry looked serious for a moment. Dean nodded.

“This might take a bit, Harry. I am going to start with the outline. Then you will need to focus on different emotions so I can add the details for each one. I’ll let you know what I need you to think about when I get there.” Dean had poured out several colors of ink and Harry lay down on what looked like a dentist’s chair. “Just relax, steady your breathing, and stay as still as you can.”

Harry nodded and did his best to clear his mind as he heard the loud buzzing noise as Dean turned on the equipment. He began to breath in and out trying to keep the rise and fall of his chest in an even rhythm as the pain started. Dean would occasionally move his wand over Harry muttering healing charms as he went, having Harry move through a wide range of emotions.

“As long as I get all the colors in, the charmed ink, and the fact that a wizard is doing this should take care of the rest. Oh and I’m going to add a little motto at the bottom that I think that you will like. You won’t always see it, but when your mood is right it will fade in, I know you will like it.”

“I trust your abilities Dean.” Harry grinned as the pain faded a bit and began to feel more like a razor being scrapped across sunburned skin. Dean then began to walk him through a wide range of emotions, having Harry concentrate on each one for a few minutes as Dean worked. Pain then a healing charm, then pain again, it was a rhythm that Harry had gotten used to as the hour wore on.

“Almost done, Harry. This may be the most detailed one that I have done. But I think that you will be pretty happy with the result.” The buzzing and the pain stopped, and Dean passed his wand over Harry with a last healing charm. “There you go Harry, what do you think?”

Harry sat up and looked in the mirror that covered almost the entire wall opposite him. He smiled and stretched watching his image change as he did.

“It’s perfect Dean, thanks. How much do I owe you?” Dean shook his head.

“Harry, you don’t owe me anything.” Dean stopped Harry from interrupting. “You have given me enough, you have given us all enough. Just consider this my way of saying thanks for the fact that I’ll live long enough to see my kids and their kids go to Hogwarts.” Harry grinned wryly and nodded his understanding.

“Can I pay for Ron’s?” Harry suppressed a small laugh.

“Why don’t we wait and see if he survives it first,” Dean answered with a smirk. They both laughed as Harry put on his robes, leaving off his t-shirt, so as not to have it right next to his now raw feeling skin.

Harry poured himself a glass of fire whiskey as he watched Ron follow Dean down the hall and nearly inhaled it when he heard a loud string of curses erupt a few moments later. Ron was finished much more quickly than Harry had been. Ron was grinning sheepishly when he emerged. Dean patted him on the arm and Ron winced.

“She’ll love it Ron. Don’t worry.” Dean said as they headed for the door.

“You’re welcome to come over to the Burrow, Dean. Big party going on over there, tonight.” Ron replied as his blush started to subside.

“I think I’ll pass. I don’t want to be anywhere near your mother if she sees what I’ve done to the two of you.” Dean winked as Ron gulped audibly.

“She’ll never see it, if I can help it.” Ron said almost to himself as Harry laughed. Dean turned to Harry and muttered under his breath.

“Hopeless romantic, that one. I had no idea.” Harry tried to smile, but just nodded.

“You have no idea,” Harry answered, trying not to think of the fierce protectiveness that love had inspired in his friend.

Harry and Ron waved goodbye to Dean and headed a short way down the street, checking for unsuspecting Muggles before ducking into an alley to Disapparate to the Burrow.

They began the short walk up the gravel path to the only place left that was home for both of them. They avoided the obvious topics of conversation as they walked and grinned at each other as they heard the laughter filtering back to them from the garden.

“So, Pygmy Puff on your arse?” Harry asked lightly as they rounded a bend and approached the house.

“No,” Ron chuckled, and pulled up the sleeve of his robe, blushing. He exposed his upper arm and Harry stopped to inspect Dean’s work. There on the freckled skin was an intricately wrought knot-work heart. A rainbow of metallic colors seemed to ebb and flow through the unending lines into which a name was tied: ‘Hermione.’ Above the heart in a matching script was one word: Keeper.

Harry swallowed the small lump that had formed in his throat. His mind was full of the future and seeing small red bushy haired children, running on short legs between his two best friends.

“She’ll love it, Ron.” He said slowly. Ron put down his sleeve and turned to Harry with an expectant gaze. Harry understood and turned his back to the house as he undid his robes. Ron gasped.

“Wow Harry. Dean did a great job on that.” Harry looked down at the Hungarian Horntail that was sleeping on his chest, sending up small wisps of smoke on his skin. He chuckled at the words just below it: the Hogwarts motto glinted golden in the afternoon sun. Ron laughed out loud as he read the words. Harry laughed too as the words faded and the dragon on his chest awoke and unfurled its wings, its head turning lazily as it blew a smoke ring. Ron sobered a bit. “Does Ginny know?”

“I told you it’s a surprise.” Harry answered.

“No,” Ron kicked at the gravel in the path looking down, “I mean about your Patronus changing.” Ron replied quietly as Harry refastened his robes. Harry’s mind erupted with the sight of his sliver dragon issuing golden flames charging through hundreds of Dementors, cutting them down where they stood with its razor sharp tail, obliterating them with its ethereal flames.

“I haven’t told her yet.” Harry’s voice was low, and thoughtful. He hadn’t told anyone. Hermione and Ron had been there so they knew, but he hadn’t told a single person other than them. There had been rumors, obviously, if Dean had heard, but he had no idea if they had reached Ginny. And he had told no one, not even Ron and Hermione, what thought he used to conjure the dragon. He had told no one that all he needed to think was that he and Ginny would have years and years of sunlit days, or that he would wake up with her in his arms every morning for the rest of his life, or just the image of her face, that hard blazing look coming toward him; had brought the creature in his chest out into the world.

There was a screech from the house that broke through Harry’s musings, and he and Ron and reached the door with wands drawn in an instant. The door burst open, just as they reached it and Harry barely had time to lower his wand when he saw the hard blazing look coming toward him. Ginny flung her arms around him, just as she had that very first time. And just as he did then, Harry kissed her, regardless of the fact that they were standing in her mother’s doorway and Ron and Hermione were watching. Harry felt the monster in his chest purring in contentment as he felt the beat of wings as his heart seemed to soar.

“Where have you been?” Ginny’s breath was a whisper against his ear. Harry straightened up and looked down into her bright brown eyes, near spilling with tears of happiness.

“Well, you see there was this really evil Dark Wizard…” He grinned down at her, as he spoke as if to a five year old. Ginny rolled her eyes and slapped his chest. Harry winced. A look of concern crossed her chest and she questioned him.

“Are you okay? Are you hurt?” She was looking wild and fierce again. “You told Hermione that you were okay…”

“I’m fine, Ginny, I’m fine really.” Harry looked over and saw that Ron had a glowing Hermione resting against his chest. The two boys smirked at each other. Harry grabbed Ginny’s hand and began to lead her off the porch. “Oh and Hermione, Ron has something to show you.”

Harry pulled Ginny quickly behind him around the edge of the house, so as to avoid the death glare that was following him as he heard Hermione questioning Ron on the porch.

“What’s my brother got to show Hermione?” Ginny cocked an eyebrow, “or do I want to know?” Ginny had pushed him up against the side of the house next to the door to the kitchen. Her hands ran down his chest and Harry grimaced slightly again. “All right Potter, spill. What’s going on?”

“Well, it really is all your fault,” Harry smiled wide and leaned down and kissed her again. His hand went to the clasp of his robe, and Ginny’s eyes got wide.

“You realize that my parents are right around the corner? And that my mother could be bustling into the kitchen for more food at any second?” Ginny’s tone was a mix of caution and confusion.

“Well, then she would just see me showing her daughter my new tattoo.” Harry grinned down as Ginny’s mouth fell open in shock.

“You didn’t! Ron, too? Oh Mum is going to have a litter of kneazles! What did you get?” Ginny was rambling excitedly, and Harry couldn’t decide which she was happier about: her boyfriend getting a tattoo, or having a lifetimes worth of blackmail against her brother. “Did you go with the hippogriff?”

“No, I went with your suggestion,” Harry replied as Ginny covered her mouth in astonishment. “But there is a bigger reason. I need to tell you why. But for now I think we better get back there, or your mum will kill us both.” Harry winked at her, but her hand was on his robe keeping him from moving toward the party.

“Let me see it,” Ginny’s eyes were smoldering, and Harry knew what she would see when he opened the front clasps on his robe. The Horntail was flexing its wings and stamping an impatient clawed foot. Ginny reached out a finger and stroked it slowly down Harry’s chest. The Horntail flexed and stretched as if it was trying to reach something beyond its grasp, fire curled lazily around its mouth. Ginny looked up and a tear dropped from her eye, rolling down her freckled cheek. “I heard rumors… about the dragon and the Dementors… I knew it was you…”

Harry reached out and took her face in his hands, tearing her gaze away from the beast on his chest and up to the fire in his emerald eyes.

“No.” He said firmly, brushing away her tears. “It was you.” He placed soft kisses on her cheeks and her forehead before continuing. “You made me stronger, loving you made me stronger.” Harry kissed her fiercely as Ginny’s hands fisted in his hair. The broke apart when a roar of fury reached them from the garden.

“Ronald Bilius Weasley! What is that on your arm?!?!?”

Harry and Ginny both dissolved into hysterical laughter. The weeks and years of sunlit days had begun, and there would be time for waking up in each others arms, tickling sleeping dragons, celebrations, weddings, children and everything.

A/N: All thanks to Glory/Fid/kilcarr/Blackwell Sister (all the same woman with so many names) for her theory on the changing of Harry’s Patronus. And as always, many thanks to my faithful, read as I write, IM girls, who usually beta things a paragraph at a time for me. Phoenix, Lady Tonks and Fid you are the best!