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Blah blah blah... and such and so on

Sorry I have not updated much this week.
The planets have been aligned against me or sumat like that.

I have been having a wonderful time reading my birthday present over at phoenixchicks. I shall post an entry at the end of the week with all the links. I am really just overwhelmed by all the time and thought that went into that project and I cannot thank you guys enough!

I have also been enjoying my British version audio book of PS in the car back and forth to work all this week. Thanks again ladytonks, you are sooo my BFF!

Aside from that life has been hectic and tiring and I am just looking forward to taking my week long vacation next month. August 11th cannot come soon enough. Of course I dread what I will have to wade through on my Flist when I get back, but I think a week's worth of vacation time alone with my Slytherin in sunny Florida will be worth the trouble. Ah the things I do to research for my little smutlings... *le sigh* I will take my writing journal with me don't you worry poppets!

Oh and I got my paperback copy of HBP today! Now I have to go rearrange the whole top shelf of my bookcase so that my hardback copy will fit up there. Because the paperback has to stay right here with me at the Alter of Potter next to the PC for handy dandy canon reference!

I love being such a geek sometimes :D