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Just my Ramblings...

So yeah I ate Ben and Jerry's ice cream for dinner.
Yes I am fully aware that I am diabetic.
I took extra insulin. Promise.

I have enlisted ladytonks to help me move the pirate fic along. Basically because she seems to have the other half of my brain and vice versa. I mean come on when we took the Sesame Street personality test she was Bert and I was Ernie. Can't get more difinitive than that. So yeah, we have come up with some really good ideas.

My mood is a bit better, I think that right now I am just sick of my job. It happens occasionally, I will get over it. I have a weeks worth of vacation coming up in August, alone with my husband no step son involved so that should be nice. I might feel better about going back to work after that, then again I may just make a point of buying more lottery tickets.

As far as the requested fics are coming I am have about one or two more nights work on jandjsalmon's George/Luna fic and then I am on to almond_joyz's Harry/Ginny smut. :D The others will be along in due time. The more patient you are the more likely you will get a nice long fic. So thanks for hanging with me on this one.

The ronilicious icon just makes me feel better.



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Jul. 17th, 2006 04:37 am (UTC)
Oh...I have to go find the pirate fic....I love pirate fics, all kinds. Well, i certainly prefer canon......anyway, just a note to say I've been there with the Ben and Jerry's and dinner and insulin, I have Type II diabetes, and normally just take Glucophage and attempt to exercise, but when I was pregnant I needed insulin the last 3 months. And ice cream cravings are terrible during pregnancy, so dinner a few times was B and J's and some extra insulin. Ah, trying to find the elusive pint of Wavy Gravy........but I'd settle for Carmel Sutra....
Jul. 21st, 2006 04:37 am (UTC)
But why is the rum always gone?

:: giggles ::

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