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Happy Birthday voilet451!!!!!!!!!

To My Dear Big Sister violet451 on her birthday,

Okay so I know I got you a pressie for your birthday on Friday, but I did my best to have you showered with gifts as you can NOW see HERE. I also have to say that jandjsalmon and miz_tith also pimped that post out on their journals after creating elaborate filters that included pretty much everyone that they knew except you.

So I have a whole list of gifts for you here:

cyclonejuliet wrote this little ficlet that can hardly be summarized

mickawber wrote a delightful Elizabeth/Mr. Darcy P&P drabble

browneydweasley wrote a short Hermione/Snape fic which she emailed to me it is under the cut: Hermione knew she should just forget it. Over and over again she had tried to push it out of her mind, but she couldn’t. It was almost as if some dark magic was concentrating her thoughts on the very thing she was willing herself to forget.

When Hermione had discovered an oblique reference to The Coven during her fifth year while preparing for OWL’s, she had been intrigued. The Coven was a secret society, their crest a single black rose, with thirteen members at all times. New members were chosen upon the death of existing members and were typically selected from those who were upper year Hogwarts students at the time. Nowhere, however, could she find a reference to how or why the individuals were selected or exactly what the group’s purpose was. It was as if the Hogwarts students were being silently watched, ranked, and evaluated for consideration into the fold. What was clear, however, was this group infiltrated the magical world at every level, especially at the Ministry, and that it exercised great influence over the decision makers and the decisions made. She had tried casually to glean information about The Coven from Professor McGonagall, but was soundly admonished for studying too much and advised to get outside more often. So, Hermione did what she did best, which was to consult every book she could locate, including a few Madam Pince had begrudgingly obtained for her through the library network of magical cooperation.

Hints, imagined or real, that she herself was being considered for membership continued to feed Hermione’s preoccupation with The Coven. Such an admission was a frightening yet arousing proposition. Being a muggle-born, she knew there would always be discrimination barring her from the upper echelons of power in the Ministry. A group such as The Coven, although highly secretive and perhaps dangerous, could provide a foothold leading to the connections she needed to be the instrument of badly needed change in the magical world.

The signs were innocent enough initially. References to and books about The Coven, that had definitely not been there before, would appear on the library shelves. When she needed to find something in the Restricted Section, Madam Pince would conveniently disappear from the library for protracted periods of time, and never return before Hermione had finished her reading. The Daily Prophet would report a crisis in the Ministry, which would ultimately be resolved after the Minister completed a meeting with an “anonymous” councilor; when Hermione would try to show the article to Ron or Harry, the story would have been replaced by another.

More recently, less innocent things were happening. Her dreams became filled with shadowy, cloaked figures interrogating her very soul, asking her detailed questions about her studies and personal memories. Night after night, she answered questions about her academic subjects, her family and friends, her personal preferences, and her most secret desires. She awoke in a cold sweat after a particularly vivid nightmare, in which she’d been forced to relive the details of her sexual explorations with Viktor Krum and her fantasized ones with Ron. Tonight, however, had been the most terrifying. She had dreamt that she was dancing at the Yule Ball. When she looked up into the face of her partner, however, it was not Viktor or Ron, it was Professor Snape. He whispered something into her ear she couldn’t quite make out, and suddenly she felt his lips brush hers, his body press against hers tightly, and she smelled the heady fragrance of overblown roses. She might have dismissed it as studying too much for Defense Against the Dark Arts, or being too stern in scolding Harry for using the Half-Blood Prince’s Potions book, but as she got out of bed and reached for a glass of water on her bedside table she saw, to her astonishment, a long-stemmed black rose. Shaking, she lifted the blossom to her nose, and indeed, it was the same intoxicating fragrance from her dream. It was no coincidence, and it was certainly not innocent. The Black Rose was The Coven’s calling card.

Night after night, the pattern repeated, each time the scenes with Snape became more vivid. Each time upon awaking, she’d find a single black rose lying on her pillow. She considered telling Harry, begging him to stay up with her in the Common Room, but ultimately, she would brush her fears aside and ascend the stairs to her dormitory alone. If she were honest, she had begun to eagerly await these dreams and the secrets revealed in them by her formidable and mysterious professor. No longer did she think of ginger hair and passionate kisses. Instead, she ached for the touch of long, skilled fingers and the overwhelmingly fragrant perfume of roses.

It began as usual, the strains of a waltz and the sensation of spinning around the room, held firmly in strong, broad shouldered arms. As she looked up expecting to see the dark gaze of Severus, as she now dared to call him in her dreams, however, she startled awake. Opening her eyes, she saw Professor Snape, standing before her.

“Miss Granger,” he murmured, bowing briefly like a courtier. With a malicious glint in his eyes, he added, “Pleasant dreams, I trust?”

Hermione sat up, clutching the bedcovers around her. She was overwhelmed by the strong fragrance of roses.

“Listen carefully,” he continued. “You have been tapped by the secret society of The Coven. You are required to pass initiation rites before you are formally inducted into our coterie. I have been given the responsibility of preparing you for these tasks. Do you accept or decline?”

Hermione’s throat tightened and her heart increased the intensity of each beat. “Is this just another dream?” she stammered.

“That,” Snape smiled wickedly, “You must decide.” Snape held out his hand, and Hermione fell into his gaze. Without thinking, without hesitation, she placed her hand in his outstretched palm, and felt the heat rise in her cheeks as his long fingers circled around her own. Once more Snape bowed, and this time he brought her hand to his lips. Suddenly she felt pressure surround her, as if her body was being forced into a tight tube, and she Side-Along Apparated with him.

When Hermione awoke the next morning, once again she tried to separate dream from reality. As in the past, it was nearly impossible to discern the difference. The single black rose on her pillow each morning had always reassured her that whatever happened, it had been more than just a dream. However, as she reached out to touch the anticipated bloom, her fingers fell upon the empty pillow. Her eyes darted around the bed searching for the flower. Frantic now, she got out of bed, noticing the tenderness between her thighs that had not been there before. She pulled back the covers and smiled, as she saw her sheets strewn with the petals of a black rose.

ladytonks penned a wonderfully angsty Snape Gen drabble

tajareyul enlisted the help of her friend samaelthekind to write this Harry/Draco drabble

ETA: See the comments on this entry for your pressie from green_kiwigirl as well! A nice little Remus/Tonks goodness!


pan_alchemist has some sooper sekrit project that she is working on for you.

There are promises of much much more so check your flist religiously today when you get finished shopping sans lil’ monsters!!!


Jun. 19th, 2006 11:41 am (UTC)
You are brilliant!

Thanks for all your hard work!

*big hugs*
Jun. 20th, 2006 12:51 am (UTC)
No, really -- not brilliant at all! ;) It was fun... branching (even for a little while) into another ship... that I can thankfully give up on now that I'm done! ;) Violet was totally worth it... and it helped me get a little closer to the only other HG/SS shipper on my flist (who I totally adore -- she actually WROTE a quasi-drabble for violet even though she didn't know her... how fab s that? AND she made her icons... I was SO impressed with the calibre of my friends! ;) )

Anyway, thanks for giving me the opportunity... I noticed that violet's birthday doesn' show up on my LJ friends birthday list (I suspect she hasn't entered it in her user info) so I would have missed it totally! ;)