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More Pimpage

Okay I come bearing a fic rec, as I see that the author and I do not have terribly many friends in common and it would be tragic if some of those on my flist that are not on hers never read this story. It is honestly the best characterization of Snape that I think I have ever read. It is very well written and just simply a very very very good fic. Please read, I know you will all be amazed.

Title: Cut, Always
Author: melusinahp
Fandom: Harry Potter
Character/Genre: Severus Snape/Gen
Prompt: The Knight of Swords
Rating: R
Warnings: Mild sexual content, mild violence, death after the fact
Disclaimer: J. K. Rowling owns the world and the characters; I do not.
Summary: “‘For enemies.’ He scrawled the words in tiny letters in the margin of his potions textbook. For Potter, he thought to himself. Give me the opportunity, you arrogant little shit. I’ll be ready for you.”
Author's Notes: I am using the following meaning: “Direct/Blunt, Authoritative/Overbearing, Incisive/Cutting, Knowledgeable/Opinionated, Logical/Unfeeling.” Great thanks to my extremely detail oriented and wise beta owlbait.



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Jun. 6th, 2006 07:53 pm (UTC)
Hey, I wrote you some more fic. It has Ginny, and is a happy fic and features pregnant!Ginny, and is mildly entertaining.
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