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No wonder I am so F-ing tired!

I just finished all my case notes for the month (oh and Dana it was only 10pm when I got finished! Go me!) these are the little things where I type up what I did with each of my clients every single time I saw them or spoke to them or anyone connected with them for the entire month of May. I also have to keep track of how much time I spend with all of them because in order to be cool with the Dementuggles (Dementor/Muggle crosses that run our non-fandom lives or bosses, you can thank ladytonks for the word, I think) I am supposed to spend at least 50% of my working hours with the clients. So for this month counting the time I took off that would have been 80 hours. I am over 90 at this point and that does not even count the 16 hours that I spent at the Consumer Conference at the beginning of the month!

And I was able to bill for my requisite 20 clients (which means that I have to have at least 4 contacts only two of which can be by phone with 20 people, not that I only saw 20 of my clients, it is just that I only saw 20 of them at least 4 times. Oh and btw ONE client got almost 20 hours of my precious time this month.) I am a mental health case manager for adults with severe and persistent mental illness in case any of my new friends didn't know.

All that and the other crap that I have been dealing with and I am amazed that I have not seriously injured either myself of someone else this month. And to top it all off I got to go through the past two days where I have to scramble to get all my "4th contacts" with clients and do all my paperwork with hideous cramps. (Sorry boys this is what you have to read when you friend the ladies, I do apologize, but most of you are married anyway so I am sure this is familiar territory for you.)

So please be nice to the Tory. She has spent way too much time with people who are really ill in the head this month. So much so that she has started speaking of herself in the third person. Because the voices are telling her to...

So to make herself feel better, she shall be issuing another fic/drabble contest, not because she has delusions of grandure about her place in the fandom or the vastness of her flist, just because I am holding out a small hope that some one out there will take pity on me and write me something pretty to help me feel better.

Write me a drabble, ficlet or fic about an HP character that has had a really bad day/week at work and how someone they love chooses to brighten thier day/ help them feel better/ get rid of some stress. Smut welcome, but not nescessary. Thanks to any who choose to accept the challenge. Hopefully my brain will recover from this crap month soon so that I can write you all some fic soon.


Jun. 10th, 2006 01:44 am (UTC)
It may have taken me a week, but Molly finally had her say. "The Decidedly Awful Week of Molly Weasley" is now up on my LJ. Enjoy ;-)