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Elemental: Part Four: Fire

This is the fourth and final chapter of my little George/Luna story. I thank you all for reading and hope that you have enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thanks to ladytonks and pan_alchemist for reading this paragraph by paragraph in YIM as I wrote it. And for the beta skills of those two lovely ladies as well as tajareyul and to mickawber who was kind enough to look over my charcherization of Luna for me. This story was written as a housewarming gift for miz_tith and is dedicated to her as she is the one who introduced me to the lovely Fool Moon world of George/Luna!

Title: Elemental
Part Four: Fire
Pairing: George/Luna
Genre: Romance with sprinklings of Fluff
Warnings: None
Rating: PG-13

Previous Chapters: Part One: Earth, Part Two: Air and Part Three: Water

Part Four: Fire

Luna closed the door behind her and stepped out onto the path that led to the road, that led to the Burrow, where she was going with George. She gazed out into the beginnings of a sunset and a sky free of clouds but pregnant with possibilities. Closing her eyes, Luna made her way down the lane that she had traversed thousands of times in her almost eighteen years, testing the memory of her senses. She felt the need to savor the integral magic of this evening. The descending sun’s light warmed her cheeks. Tall grasses caressed her out-stretched fingertips. The path was smooth and comfortably familiar under her sandaled feet. The same sun, the same grass, the same path, but her destination tonight was completely different.

Crickets and birds harmonized over the gentle whisper of the wind through the leaves. A frog was croaking in the nearby stream where the bubbling of water tumbling over smooth stones buoyed up his song. An undertone of damp moss wove its way through the scent of warm grass, wild flowers and earth. Luna inhaled this perfume deeply as a stronger breeze fluttered through the thin cotton of her flowered skirt, making it dance lazily about her ankles. And then the loud, close crack of an Apparition was followed by a spicy warm, wind-soaked scent that was faintly reminiscent of gunpowder. Luna kept her eyes closed and allowed this new delicious smell to fill her.

“Hello George.” She whispered, feeling the warmth of his body replacing that of the sun.

“Hello.” Luna felt a soft breath against her forehead as he spoke and she opened her eyes.

George Weasley stared down at her and Luna heard him swallow roughly. She eased back on her heels and took his hand. This odd combination of closeness and distance seemed to be called for and she knew she was right when George stopped holding his breath.

“Is… is your father coming to the party tonight?” Luna delighted in being a paradox of anxiety and comfort; when George’s voice halted he squeezed her hand. Luna felt sure that George did not completely understand the intricate contradictory pleasure of this situation. Gryffindors were often very instinctual beings. But the fact he acknowledged at least an instinctual understanding by gripping her hand, gave Luna a broom-flying swoop before she answered.

“Oh no, Father is waiting for a very important Floo call from Sweden. Tonight was the only time that they could set up the international connection. He is going to interview a well-known magical zoologist, and he said that while he definitely agreed that the passing of a year of freedom from Voldemort was worth celebrating, he really could not step away from the Floo.” She and George had started to walk down the road. Luna knew they would Apparate as soon as they were done talking. It made her smile to think that George understood so many important things, like clouds and rain and the fact that sometimes the quickest way was not the best.

“Snorkacks?” George questioned with a smile.

“Yes, they may have discovered a straight-horned sub-species.” Luna nodded as he turned her gaze directly on George and took in the black dragon hide jacket and his freshly combed hair. She was glad that she had chosen the lavender blouse and skirt with blue flowers, and that she had worn the sandals that he said he liked. She usually kept them only for rainy days. Not having been to a party as more than just friends or with a boy who said that he fancied her, Luna had not been sure, however, she felt that it was the right thing to do. “Father asked me to tell you that you are lucky to have a girl like me on your arm.”

George smiled and laced his fingers back and forth through hers.

“I told him that I had never been on your arm, your broomstick, but not your arm.” George rubbed his thumb across hers and chuckled. “I told him that I had been in one of your arms, but not both at the same time.”

“Really?” George squeaked, and Luna realized that his steps had faltered slightly. Maybe he had noticed how the purple was edging in around the red and orange of the sun as it sank into the horizon.

“Yes,” She nodded, “and then he asked me if you had ever asked me to do anything that I didn’t feel comfortable doing.” Luna smiled think about how considerate her father had always been of her feelings. He was a kind, strong man who had always done his best to be everything that she needed, even through his own grief.

“He… he did?” Luna noticed that George’s hand was moist in hers even though the breeze was pleasantly cool. It could have been a side effect from all the spells passing between their fingers, she reasoned. Something adverse was bound to happen at some point. “What did you say?”

“Well, of course I told him that you had asked me to do things that I didn’t know I enjoyed until I did them.” George has stopped stock still in the middle of the road and Luna turned to smile at him. “Oh did you want to just Apparate the rest of the way?”

George shook his head and swallowed again.

“Uh, Luna, what did your father say… uh, you know, after you told him that?” George looked pale and Luna became concerned. She raised her free hand up to his freckled forehead, but he did not feel feverish. She allowed her hand to slip reassuringly down onto his cheek which was warm, clean-shaven and full of magic.

“He laughed,” she replied as she stared quizzically up into George’s very serious gaze. She hoped that she had not been wrong to tell her father about the apple fight with Harry and Ginny. She thought that it had been a lovely, funny story and she and her father had both laughed their way through her telling of the part about using a weak Reductor Curse on an apple six inches away from her opponent’s face. “He said that using that Reductor Curse was nothing less than what he would expect from his Ravenclaw girl,” Luna watched George’s mind move through his eyes, “and he said that you were probably very pleased with me for it.”

Luna saw as something clicked into rightness for George and a wide smile split his face. She gasped when he pulled her to his chest in a hug and began laughing, hard. Luna slid her arms around his waist and pressed her ear against the black dragon hide over his heart. She listened to the laughter both through his chest and in the air, and Luna smiled. It might have been the most beautiful thing that she had heard outside of phoenix song, she thought as her head shook against him.

“Let’s go to the party,” George said as he pulled her even tighter against him when his laughter subsided, and with a slight turn he pulled her with him into Apparition.

When Luna’s ears turned back right side out, they were not greeted with the boisterous noise of a party as she expected. When she opened her eyes, it was to a back garden full of people, all staring open-mouthed at her and George. Luna stepped back and George’s hands slipped down her arms to clasp her own. She looked him up and down and then made sure that she could wiggle all of her toes.

“We aren’t Splinched!” She announced matter-of-factly to the onlookers at large.

“Wonderful news, Luna!” Fred boomed out as he stepped forward from the crowd, passing what looked like a dumbstruck Ron and, for once, Hermione. “Would be quite difficult to dance with one leg!”

“I would need two,” Luna replied honestly to Fred.

“Well, you have two very nice ones, so I think that we should be just fine.” George smiled down at her as the partygoers began to resume their conversations and someone started up the Wizarding Wireless. “Let’s go get some drinks, yeah?”


Luna loved parties, she loved her friends, and she found that she very much enjoyed having George as her more-than-friends escort. She soon found that he favored a twirl and dip style of dancing that she enjoyed rather more than she would have Fred and Angelina’s flailing throws. Luna found the way that her skirt fluttered out around her before swinging back to hug her legs and the manner in which her long hair trailed the ground when George flung her back in his arms almost as intoxicating as the elf made wine that they had been drinking.

George and Luna had worked up an appetite dancing, and Luna had eaten homemade strawberry ice cream, cauldron cakes with chocolate icing, and was currently working her way through an inordinate amount of grapes with George. He had been intrigued by the way she ate her grapes, which was for Luna the only way to eat grapes regardless of the color. She used her wand on each grape to cast a freezing charm, threw one into the air, caught it in her mouth and then sucked on it like an individual spherical ice.

“Not bad,” George said slushily around the three frozen grapes in his mouth. They were alone now at a small table not to far from the bonfire where salamanders skipped happily up and down the crumbling, white hot logs. Beyond the party remained in full swing, the song of music, conversation and laughter mixing with the crackling of the fire. “Where did you learn to eat grapes like this?”

“Mother always gave them to me like this,” Luna replied after lodging the grape in her cheek to speak. George nodded with a sadly sweet smile, but Luna was glad to see that he did not show the discomfort that so many did when she spoke of her dead mother. “After I got my wand my father taught me the charm and said the Ministry be damned I could freeze my own grapes whenever I wanted.”

George chuckled.

“I bet you can do a freezing charm in your sleep.” George winked at her before freezing another grape and tossing it for her to catch. Luna sucked on her grape for a moment, thinking.

“No, I have never frozen anything while I was sleeping. I did set my wardrobe on fire once when I was ten and had a nightmare.” Luna glanced at the bonfire remembering the night when she had asked her father if they could roast marshmallows before putting it out.

“Excellent. I just exploded a boiling tea kettle on my Aunt Muriel.” George smiled and Luna thought that he belonged in the firelight. Maybe there had been a Heliopath somewhere in the family tree. That would explain many things about the Weasleys: Ron, Ginny, and Molly’s tempers; Charlie’s profession; Bill’s ability to attract a Veela partner; Fred’s sense of humor; and the way George’s hands always felt warm in hers. Percy must have missed out, she thought sadly. George looked over at Fred and then frowned slightly.

“I’ve got to get he fireworks started. You’ll be here when I get back, yeah?” Luna nodded as George squeezed her hand. He rose from the table, leaned down, and swiftly placed a kiss on her cheek before whispering in her ear. “I won’t be long.”

Luna felt a new kind of warmth, unconnected to the roaring fire, diffuse through her body from the place where George’s lips had touched her skin. There was definitely something more to George Weasley, Luna thought as she froze another grape and popped it into her mouth in an attempt to balance this new heat.

Luna sat back and watched the crowd as they gasped and cheered. She was surrounded by colors on fire. A screeching sparkler sang over her head writing out “So long Voldy-poo!” and Luna laughed. She watched Harry kissing Ginny in the multicolored glow, Bill and Fleur laughing, Ron and Hermione arguing while they held hands, Neville offering a drink shyly to Susan, and Mr. and Mrs. Weasley smiling at their children. These were the reasons for the war. Luna stood from her chair and spun in time with a Catherine wheel as it rose into the air. This was cause for celebration.

She stopped only when she saw the outline of George, dark against the raining sparks, crossing the grass towards her. Pops and crackles followed him on the air along with the smell of explosives. When a Roman candle lit his face she saw that it was set with a determined grin. And two rockets and one dragon later he was standing in front of her reaching into his dragon hide jacket.

“Here,” George said as he pulled the blue flower she had left on a blanket under the apple tree days ago out of his pocket. “I think that you lost this. I wanted to make sure you got it back.” Luna smiled serenely up at him and shook her head.

“Oh, thank you, but, it isn’t mine.” She took the flower and held it back out to him. George cocked an eyebrow and Luna continued before he had a chance to speak. “I picked it for you. I just had it behind my ear for safe keeping.”

“For me?” He looked perplexed, warm from the orange glow of the fire, but perplexed.

“When I saw you working on your broom, I thought that you were missing something.” Luna replied gazing up into his eyes. George closed his hand over hers on the delicate stem and his rough thumb left smudges of soot on the back of her hand before taking the flower from her.

“I think I was.” He replied, tucking the flower behind his own left ear with a smile. Luna smiled back as George placed his hand upon her cheek. There would be grey streaks under her eyes because he was stroking his thumb there, but he didn’t seem to notice. Instead George’s eyes were locked on hers as his fingers slid into the hair behind her ear. Her earring jangled softly at his touch and she saw George’s tongue pass over his lips. Luna mirrored his action, realizing that her lips too were dry from the smoke of the fire. He tilted her head up and his eyes and mouth were closer to hers than they had ever been.

George’s lips met hers and Luna’s eyes widened. Magic, more pure and powerful than she had ever known, flowed through her body from the place where she and George were joined. It tingled from the top of her head to the tips of her fingers and toes. Her hands fluttered up to his neck as George’s lips began to move against hers. They were so soft and warm. She closed her eyes to feel more. No amount of study could have prepared her for this, but she soon found that she really need not have tried to prepare. Her mouth seemed to know already what to do. The way her lips were moving seemed to work well because George’s other hand wound round her waist and pulled her body flush against his. She was melting like a grape under her own tongue, sinking into the magic, barely staying in her own skin.

His mouth moved away and Luna waited a moment, savoring the smoky sweet taste on her own lips, before she opened her eyes. Luna saw an anxious question in George’s eyes and smiled. She slid her hands from his fiery hair and placed her thumbs on the apples of his cheeks, careful not to disturb the flower behind his ear, as she literally held his gaze.

“You were missing me.” This understanding had been curling its way to the front of her mind since George had wound his arm around her when he took her flying. It had wafted through her other thoughts like a plume of soft smoke, like a cloud slowly taking shape. Every time he had smiled at her or taken her hand it had intensified in form and definition. Luna knew that she still had much to learn about George Weasley, but she also knew that she would now have plenty of time to study. This fact, she would look back on later and realize, was the most important thing for her to know; for George to know.

“Yeah, I was.” George answered softly, just before his lips pressed into hers again. A Catherine wheel was spinning above them as Luna closed her eyes, and she thought that was right. This was her George, the one that she had found beneath the fireworks. She was just thankful that they were not standing in a portable swamp, because he said he liked her sandals.




Apr. 22nd, 2006 04:15 pm (UTC)
Oh, that was wonderful! Such a sweet story! I'm kinda sad its over. Great job!