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September 28th, 2013

Boy: Mommy, Kiki and Masarat have the same face.

Me:(Aware that Kiki does not have a twin and having never heard about Masarat) Really?

Boy: Well, Masarat’s face is a little longer than Kiki’s. But they have the same face.

Me: (Wondering if Masarat might a new student who is Asian, like Kiki; as Kiki is the only Asian girl my son has ever met in our small Midwestern town of 6000 people) Are Masarat’s eyes like Kiki’s?

Boy: No, but they have the same face other than that.

Me: (wondering if there is another girl named Kiki that I don’t know about in his school) Sweetie, what language does Kiki speak at home?

Boy: Chinese, I think.

Me:(Yup, that is the Kiki I know about. We have large African and Hispanic immigrant populations in our town, hence the next question.) What language does Masarat speak at home?

Boy: Her mommy and daddy speak French.

Me: (trying to figure out how these two girls look the same) Do Kiki and Masarat have the same color of skin?

Boy: (looks at me like I am crazy) No. Kiki is pink like me, and Masarat is really dark brown.

Me: Okay…

Boy: But they still have the same face.