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Elemental: Part Three: Water

Here is part three of four of Elemental: A George/Luna Fic.

If you have yet to read them here are Part One: Earth and Part Two: Air

Up next will be the conclusion Part Four: Fire

Title: Elemental
Pairing: George/Luna
Genre: Romance/Fluff
Warnings: none
Rating: PG-13

Part Three: Water

George rolled over at the sound of his alarm, it sounded like a chicken being stepped on thanks to his dear twin brother. Of course, Fred’s alarm sounded like a kneazle in heat, George had been rather proud of that. Not wanting to deal with his whole family in the morning, George had Apparated straight to his room around two am, and immediately cast an Imperturbable Charm on his door. He figured that Fred and Angelina should be asleep, but he wasn’t going to take any chances. Lightening lit the ceiling and thunder crashed as George sat up rubbing his eyes. His gaze found its way to the nightstand and a small vase containing a single blue flower, with faint traces of applesauce on the stem. George sighed, he had been dreaming of flying and he had not been alone. He had woken up with his left arm wrapped around his pillow.

Luna Lovegood, of all girls, Luna Lovegood. He would never hear the end of it from Fred, but, as he stared at the lone flower on the nightstand, he realized that maybe he really didn’t care. After Scourgifying all the bits of apple off themselves, he had walked her down the lane to the point where she could Apparate home. He had held her hand and asked her to come by the shop today if she had a chance. She said rather sweetly that she would try, and he found himself already wanting to see her again.

This could not be normal, he thought. But then again very little to do with Luna Lovegood was normal, and who wanted to be normal anyway? That would be a rather boring way to go through life. His mind ran straight back to where it had been while he was sleeping. She had fit so delightfully into his arm on that broom. Her hair smelled like rain on a fresh mown field, just like the pitch would before kicking off from wet grass. Her hand felt so delicate in his, and she had stroked his thumb. It made him feel like he was thirteen again, as if everything about girls was new to him. That wasn’t the case, he had his share of experience in broom cupboards and the like, but she made him feel like he hadn’t. It had been rather a dizzying experience.

He smiled as he thought of his swell of pride when she had used a Reductor Curse on that apple, blowing it up right in Harry’s face. He didn’t think that he had ever taught a girl to prank before, but Luna proved to be a quick study. He would have snogged her senseless at the end of that lane, but it just did not seem to be the right thing to do. What kind of girl made you not want to snog her right away and then dream about it all night? What kind of girl made you want to lie in the grass and look at clouds? What kind of girl made you worry about competing with Neville Longbottom? What kind of girl made you pick up a discarded flower covered in smashed apple and put it in a vase on your nightstand? This one.

George flopped backwards onto his bed, and let loose a resigned sigh. He fancied Luna Lovegood.


Rain was slanting against the windows of the shop, and there had been very few customers. Even Apparation did not make coming out in this type of weather attractive. George let the Reusable Hangman swing for what was probably the fiftieth time that morning. Fred was wandering around the store in a Headless Hat, just for kicks apparently. George chanced another glance out the streaked windows. There was no way that Luna would come out in this storm, just to see him. It wasn’t like they had made a date, really.

The bell rang over the door, and George looked up, his face betraying for a moment his disappointment at the two teenage boys that entered shaking rain from their hair. Unfortunately, Fred noticed.

“Oi, you waiting for someone?” Fred’s face appeared as he whipped the Headless Hat off. His brother’s look was quizzical, George knew as he often had the same look on his own face. George tried his best to school his face into a mask of calm. He knew any attempt to hide the truth from Fred would eventually be futile, but George could always hope for a diversion.

The diversion came in the sound of the bell and the sight of a dripping wet Luna Lovegood at the door. The sight of those sky-blue eyes sweeping immediately past Fred and landing directly on his own made George forget his trepidation at Fred discovering his secret, and George smiled widely at her. Her lips curved up in a gentle grin in the moment that it took Fred to glance back and forth between them.

“Luna!” Fred boomed out, recovering easily from a fleeting moment of incredulity to greet her. And then with the slightest glance back at George, “Looks like it is raining crups and kneazles out there! What brings you out in this weather?”

“No, it is just water,” Luna replied with one quirked eyebrow in Fred’s direction. “George asked me to come,” she finished matter-of-factly, pulling a sopping dark blond strand of hair from her face.

“We are going to lunch at the Leaky Cauldron,” George tried to shut down what ever it was that Fred was trying to get up to.

“Smashing idea, I’ll get my coat.” Fred beamed, and the gauntlet had been thrown down.

“Alone,” George hissed as Fred stepped behind the counter.

“Ah, I’m crushed,” Fred allowed his face to fall in a rather melodramatic way and George tried to give Luna a look to let her know that Fred had never been invited. She gave him half smile and stared down into the cage of Pygmy Puffs, and Fred continued a bit too loud for George’s comfort. “Well, you should at least help me get more snack boxes out of the back before you go.”

Fred headed off towards the back room and George walked swiftly to Luna’s side. She was stroking a yellow Pygmy Puff, one that George knew was they only one that had been born that color and was often left alone in the corner of the cage by the others.

“I’ll be right back, yeah?” Luna nodded, and George added, “Would you mind keeping an eye on those blokes over there?” He pointed to the two teenage boys who were standing by the shelves full of sweets, “And hex them if they try to steal anything.”

“Of course,” Luna’s face brightened with her assignment and she reached out and touched George’s arm. George knew that there was a blush on his cheeks that deepened as she went on, “It is okay if you need to talk about me back there. I know you won’t say anything mean.”

“No,” George swallowed and gave her hand a nervous pat where it rested on his arm. He desperately hoped that it was reassuring and George thought he saw a hint of a pink on her cheeks as he turned to go.

“So,” Fred drew the word out as soon as the door shut behind George, “Luna Lovegood?”
Fred was leaning on a worktop and staring at George with a look of complete amazement. It was times like these when George felt that they truly were two completely different people, who just knew each other too well. As he looked at Fred, George’s faced flushed red, not with embarrassment, but with a low growing anger.

“Do you have some kind of problem with her?” George kept his voice even, trying not to think of all the hurtful things that had been said about Luna, and at the same time feeling dreadful as he realized that he had said some of them. Never to her face though, never to that sweet open face.

“No, no mate, I don’t have a problem with her,” Fred shook his head, the surprise easing off of his face. “I mean, well,” Fred looked away for a second, “yeah she’s a unique girl, but she did her part in the war, didn’t she? She stood by Harry, and Ginny says she doesn’t want to even think about what her sixth year would have been like without Luna.” Fred was slowly starting to nod, “And she’s damn handy with her wand from what Hermione says, and well, that’s saying a lot. And…” Fred looked up as if one of the bolts of lightning outside had struck him. “She didn’t even see me when she walked in, did she?”

“Well, I am the good looking one,” George grinned slyly.

“Bollocks! She likes you even though you’re the ugly twin!” Fred slapped his hand down on the worktop as if that made it final. Suddenly, though, Fred had a look that George had rarely seen on either of their faces since the end of the war: a sincerely thoughtful one. “But seriously, it’s nice to have someone just see you, yeah?”

“Yeah,” George nodded.

“I mean, Angelina loves me, but she thinks you are a right dolt.” Fred grinned as he headed back towards the front of the shop.

“Thanks for that,” George rolled his eyes as he followed his brother.

“Oi! Excellent work Luna!” George heard Fred exclaim just as he grabbed his jacket off a peg and walked through the door.

“Blimey!” George shouted appreciatively at the sight that greeted him. Luna was leaning absent-mindedly against the counter, her wand trained rather lazily at the floor. The two teenage boys were bound by conjured ropes and tied back to back. Long slices in the sides of their robes were allowing the contents of their pockets to spill out. Extendable Ears, love potions, Patented Day Dream Charms, and numerous trick sweets in a rainbow of brightly colored wrappers littered the floor around the two boys. “Nice one.”

“Oh,” Luna glanced down at the two boys serenely before stowing her wand behind her ear, “thank you.”

“I can see why you’ve taken a fancy to her,” Fred winked back at George. “Get out of here you crazy kids, lunch is on me.” Fred was shooing them toward the door and George barely had time to throw on his black dragon skin jacket before he was out in the rain.

George didn’t even realize that he was holding Luna’s hand until he started to run down the street. Her laughter rang out behind him, mixed in with the sound of far off thunder and the mad splashing of their feet through puddles on the cobbled street. George started to laugh himself as he felt cold water slopping into his shoes, soaking his hair and slicking he and Luna’s clasped hands. They paused under awnings to catch their breath and exchange soggy smiles before setting off again.

By the time they reached the door to the crowded, bustling Leaky Cauldron, they were drenched through and grinning like fools. George’s hand felt rather empty when Luna released it to undo the clasp on her cloak. George shrugged off his jacket and did a quick Drying Charm on his own socks and shoes. He turned slightly to do Luna’s for her, and saw what he had missed before. She was wearing summer sandals that showed off a silver ring on one of her middle toes and pale blue polish on her nails.

“Nice shoes,” he said, straightening out and feeling rather stupid for saying it as soon as it came out.

“Oh, thank you.” Luna said softly as she pushed her rain darkened hair from her face. “My toes enjoy the rain.” George giggled and flashed her a smile.

“I’ll try to remember that,” George replied, his voice barely audible against the roar of the lunch crowd. Luna blushed. “Uh, shall we get a table?” Luna nodded and George held out his hand. She took it and George pulled her through the maze of full tables towards one in what he hoped would be a half way quiet corner. “This good?”

“Yes, I think so.” Luna nodded and George pulled out her chair before taking the seat opposite her. They sat and George tried to get the attention of Tom to order lunch. The barman got around to them soon enough, leaving them in silence after they had placed their orders.

George’s short fingernails found a worn groove on the surface of the wooden table, tracing it over and over again. Strange to be so nervous, he thought. It isn’t like you didn’t have her in your arms for over an hour just yesterday. As he gazed across the table at Luna, who seemed completely comfortable with the silence, George realized something. The whole day before, the majority of the time that he had been with her, though he had been touching her, so close to her, he had rarely been face to face with her.

And here she was, those summer sky eyes wandering around the crowded pub and always settling back on his face. George was nervous, not because of Luna, but because he was afraid that he would say the wrong thing. He looked down at the path his nail was tracing, and saw Luna’s pale slim fingers cross the oaken surface and still his hand. His gaze followed that slender arm up to her face. She smiled, in her slow soft way.

The conversation from there was free and easy. She told him about how she had hexed the boys in the shop, and he again praised her spell work. They discussed some of the articles in the latest edition of The Quibbler, and George told her how the shop’s advertising in her father’s magazine was bringing in mail orders from all over England. They reminisced about their days in the D.A., and soon Tom had placed their plates and glasses in front of them. They lapsed into a companionable silence as they ate; until, nearly finished, George marshaled the courage and decided that it was time to act.

“Luna, I was wondering if,” he swallowed quickly, “If you would like to come to the party with me on Friday.” She looked up from her soup and slowly tilted her head to the side. For a moment George thought he saw a cloud pass through her eyes.

“As friends,” It was a statement, not a question and it startled George.

“Uh, no, Luna. I meant as my date,” He stumbled through the words and reached out to clasp her hand where she had put down her spoon, “As more than friends.” It seemed as if the sun had come back into her eyes and she blushed.

Have you taken a fancy to me, like Fred said?” Her voice was straightforward and inquisitive, not the coquettish, eyelash-batting voice that any other girl would have used to ask the same question.

“Yeah,” George smiled, almost laughing at her sincerity, “I suppose I have.”

“Why?” Her face was open and amazingly non-expectant. And the question was so strange that it sent George’s mind reeling. He tore through all the things that he liked about her: the way she saw him as George and not just One of the Twins, the way that she made him laugh even when it was not her intention, her hair spread out on the green grass, the honesty in her eyes right now. He couldn’t put his finger on which thing had made him fancy her.

“I… I don’t know why, really, I… I just do.” Was there ever a right answer to that question? George found the tightness in his chest ease as that lazy grin slowly curled Luna’s lips.

“Oh that’s good,” she replied, sweetly serious, “Because I don’t know why I fancy you either.” George felt giddy as she said it, and wished that they had not been in a crowded pub. She laced her fingers through his as she went on, “I don’t think that we are meant to understand why. I think that we are just meant to enjoy the knowing of it.”

It took a moment for George to completely wrap his mind around what she had said, but as he did he nodded and smiled at her. He pulled a couple of Galleons from his pocket and set them on the table. As George and Luna stood to leave, Tom came out from the bar and shook his head.

“That’s not necessary Mr. Weasley,” The barman handed the Galleons back to George. “Miss Lovegood and any companion with her eat for free.” George looked back at Tom and opened his mouth to protest, but the older man shook his head. “Sorry Mr. Weasley; that was Mr. Potter’s request.”

Damn that Harry Potter, George thought, he couldn’t even buy his girl lunch in this town. His girl, George glanced over at Luna who was thanking Tom, and smiled. He rather liked the sound of that.

And Finally... Part Four: Fire



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Apr. 18th, 2006 02:01 am (UTC)
this just makes me squee with giddiness!
Apr. 19th, 2006 05:18 pm (UTC)
Yay! So glad that you find it squee worthy :D
Apr. 18th, 2006 10:16 am (UTC)

This is top stuff! I loved how George giggled, as it made me giggle too.

Apr. 19th, 2006 05:20 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the compliment. So glad you are enjoying it.
Apr. 18th, 2006 11:54 am (UTC)
Huh. You have reformed me.
I never really took too much notice of George before (my alligence is H/G and R/Hr), and I always, for some reason, pictured him with Alicia Spinnet. Anyways, I read the first two parts of this story and thought "huh, cute!".
This part has totally swayed me. I LOVE GEORGE/LUNA! It's so.... weird. It makes sense really, because both the Weasley twins are quite funny and excentric, as is Luna.
I love this. I can't wait for the next bit. For now, I'm off to join georgeluna. See what your fluff has done to me?!
Lauren x
p.s- I loved these parts:
'Her voice was straightforward and inquisitive, not the coquettish, eyelash-batting voice that any other girl would have used to ask the same question.'
'“I don’t think that we are meant to understand why. I think that we are just meant to enjoy the knowing of it.”'

Apr. 19th, 2006 05:19 pm (UTC)
Muahahahaha Another convert!


Um I mean, glad you are enjoying the story hee hee.
Apr. 19th, 2006 07:10 pm (UTC)
Ha ha! I can't wait to read the next part.
Lauren x
Apr. 19th, 2006 07:24 pm (UTC)
Um, this may be a tad cheeky, but can I add you to my friends? I love your stories and I'm a newly converted George/Luna fan thanks to you.
Lauren x
Apr. 19th, 2006 07:31 pm (UTC)
Not cheeky in the least feel free to add away!
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