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Another fluffy bit of fic again a Harry/Ginny story. This one is a really shot one-shot. It is also up on several sites around the HP fan fic world. A lazy afternoon conversation in the grass.

The sun was warm on her face. The grass was cool and prickled against her neck. Her hair fanned out behind her, glinting in the soft late afternoon light. And his hand was loosely draped over hers, in between them.

“Love?” His voice floated lazily over the late spring breeze, from where he lay beside her in the grass. She was brought back from that hazy edge between daydreams and sleep by the sound of his voice.

“Hmmm?” She responded; keeping her eyes closed against the warm May afternoon sunshine. She felt the slack grip of his hand on hers tighten.

“Let’s get married and run away.” His fingers were slipping in and out of hers, over and over in a slow deliberate rhythm.

“When?” She slipped off one sandal and lightly ran her big toe along the line where his trainer met his sock.

“Now.” He pulled her hand up to his chest and she felt the sun-soaked warmth of his black t-shirt against her skin.

“Can’t.” She smiled as she slid her foot up a little further on his leg, raising the hem of his jeans slightly.

“Why not?” His fingers still interlaced with hers, he slipped her hand up to his lips. He pressed a soft kiss to the place where her thumb met her hand.

“I’m busy right now.” She found the top of his sock and wiggled her big toe under the edge.

“What about tomorrow?” He kissed just beneath her first finger, his lips warm and barely moist.

“Hmmm, I’m busy then, too.” She eased his sock down to the top of his trainer with her toe.

“The day after?” He asked before kissing just below her middle finger.

“I have a prior commitment.” She began drawing slow circles around the bone of his ankle with her big toe.

“What about next month?” He pressed his lips to her hand again, just below her ring finger.

“You’re busy.” She ran the bottom of her foot back and forth across the top of his ankle.

“I am?” He paused a moment, before placing another kiss beneath her little finger.

“You are always busy in June.” She toed off his trainer, and it fell quietly in the grass at their feet.

“Oh, right.” He eased her hand over and kissed her palm. She let her thumb brush his lips; and she felt the awkward smile there.

“Maybe you should find another girl to run away with.” She attempted to get his sock off of his foot using only her toes.

“Nah, too much trouble,” he raised his foot slightly to help her remove his sock.

“Really?” Her toe grazed the side of his foot as his sock came off and joined his discarded trainer.

“Yeah, too many to pick from,” she heard the grin in his voice as she felt it against her fingers.

“Quantity maybe, but not quality,” she smirked as she ran the bottom of her foot over the top of his.

“I suppose,” he placed a wet kiss on the tip of her thumb.

“You suppose?” She tossed the sarcastic question over the breeze and ran her toes down the bottom of his foot. He shuddered.

“I know.” He placed her first finger to his lips. They were warm and soft. She shuddered.

“Good.” She grinned and let her foot slide his jeans up as high on his calf as they would go.

“I don’t think anyone else’s hand would fit in mine. Not like yours does.” He kissed the top of her middle finger.

“No, I don’t think that it would,” her voice was softer as her foot moved slowly back down his calf.

“And nobody else has freckles that spell out my initials on their arm,” his voice was playful as he teased her, and raised her arm up above his head.

“They do not!” She opened her eyes against the bright sunset and laughed at him as he raised a finger to the back of her forearm, held suspended in the air.

“Yes, they do!” He laughed back at her as he traced his finger lightly across her freckled skin. “See H…J….P.”

“No,” she said pulling her arm away and back over herself. “It says b…r…h.”

“You are looking at it upside down.” He rolled over on one elbow and gazed down into her eyes, smiling.

“Well,” she smiled back up at him, “that is the only way I can read it.” She giggled as he slipped off his glasses and tossed them gently in the grass.

“That’s not how I see it,” he began to lower his face slowly to hers.

“You can’t see much of anything without your glasses,” she teased softly, knowing her words were brushing against his lips as she spoke.

“I can always see you.” He touched his nose to hers keeping his eyes open, just before he placed his lips softly to hers. She ran her hand through his hair and down to the back of his neck as she opened her mouth under his. Their kiss was soft, slow and maddening. He pulled away and rolled over on his back again, grasping her hand.

“Why can’t we get married and run away?” His words came out as a low desperate sigh. She rolled over in turn to look him in the eye. She leaned in close so that his eyes could focus, her brilliant red hair forming a curtain against the setting sun.

“Because,” she leaned down and kissed him quickly before continuing; “you, Harry Potter, have to save the world.”

“Oh that.” He grinned, but she saw the sadness hiding behind it.

“And I have to finish school.” She finished with another quick kiss to his lips.

“Merlin, Ginny! Isn’t me saving the world enough?” He playfully rolled his eyes at her.

“Well if you get to save the world, the least you can do is let me finish school.” She raised an eyebrow attempting to look stern, but not succeeding.

“Fine,” Harry answered pulling a pout; and then, just as quickly, flashed Ginny a smile. “Then, can we get married and run away?”

“Yes.” She leaned down and kissed him softly, “then we can get married and run away.”


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Aug. 5th, 2005 04:58 am (UTC)
I remember reading this fic for the first time a little before HBP and thinking: Oh, that's so cute... I repeat it now: It's SO cute... really, I loved it.
Aug. 18th, 2005 06:06 am (UTC)
Yay! Adorable!
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