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Hola Poppets!

Just wanted to let you all know what I have been up to this week:

1. Pirate AU fic is up to 19 pages on my Word Doc. I am seriously thinking of posting it in two parts just so I can see what the wider virtual world thinks of it. Have sent part one off to my Crack Beta Squad.

2. Posted my rhr_ficrecs challenge fic Paths of Penance on Checkmated! Thanks bunches to belovedranger for the beta!

3. Picked up and started a challenge for hpgw_ficafest Post Hogwarts: Quidditch World Cup, Minsk. Three pages written as of this morning. Will probably work some more on that one today.

4. Went on a massive internet search on behalf of miz_tith and kilcarr for George/Luna fics. Found six, four of them were decent. Any help on this front would be greatly appreciated!

And in RL I worked 40 hours, commuted about 9 hours, made banana bread and Pad Thai (from a box), bought myself some chocolates for Valentines Day that I informed my husband were from him, chatted on YIM, read way too much fan fic, and watched some of the Olympics.

And tomorrow it starts all over again...

EDIT: I have updated my LJ user info with a complete listing of all my fics so you can just clicky clicky and there you go!