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Health Update and Thanks!

I updated on Facebook, but there are some of you here who are not friended over there so I wanted to let you know what the doctor said yesterday.

He thinks that I have some kind of chronic pain disorder. Possibly caused my craptastic* immune system, you know the one that killed off all of the insulin producing cells in my pancreas when I was 12?!? Yeah, that one. All that with a side of fibrocystic breast disease.

Oddly enough, the thing that sealed the deal for the doctor was when I told him that in a fit of anxious desperation for a decent night's sleep without crying about my uncertain medical woes, I took a flexiril to help me get to sleep. And it made the pain go away. I thought I should mention it as I was never told that a muscle relaxer could help with joint pain. Apparently, flexiril is one of the class of drugs that seem to be most effective in treating chronic pain syndromes.

I am getting mammograms on both of the girls on the 29th just to make sure that is all that is going on, but the pain there seems to be fairly typical of that syndrome, so I am not terribly worried about that, but it will be nice just to make sure.

Anyway, while some may see this as an upsetting diagnosis, for me it is not. There is a medicine that helps, and I have already tried it. I am used to managing chronic health issues as evidenced by the scars on my fingers from daily blood sugar testing, so this I can handle. And over the last 4 days my normal energy level has returned, Yay! I actually liberated my cucumber vines from the weeds in the garden today, sadly the rest of the garden is in desperate need of some attention as well.

Thanks for all of your comments and thoughts. I appreciate every one of you who commented here. It really does mean a lot to me!

*Google Chrome apparently does not agree with my spelling of the word "craptastic"...



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Jul. 18th, 2010 01:33 pm (UTC)
I'm so glad you're feeling a bit better - long may it keep up :)
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