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Another attempt at being a better LJer

I remember now why I hate going to the dentist. He had to stop drilling my tooth 3 times to give me more novacaine (or what ever they were using). That added up to about 12 shots directly into the gum around that one tooth and he broke off two needles in the process. All the numbness is gone and it hurts like hell.

The shrimp fishermen deer hunters are up from Florida and staying at my mom's house next door. That means we are getting fried and scampied fresh caught shrimp for supper tomorrow night. I am hoping that my cold will leave my sense of taste intact to enjoy it. If you are ever in Jacksonville Florida and need some good seafood go to Ferrell's fish market.

Our new kitten is still working on that whole "playing without claws and teeth" thing, so my hands look like I have been sorting razor blades. At least he has taken to the litter box like a champ. And Max totally loves him, I hope Bear survives all the love! Max was trying to get Bear to wear a cape this evening so that he could "fly." My husband has decided that Super Max's new side kick is the Amazing Anklebiter.

I am so glad that tomorrow is Friday.


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Nov. 20th, 2009 09:46 am (UTC)
"My husband has decided that Super Max's new side kick is the Amazing Anklebiter."
That is totally precious.

Sorry to hear about your dentist episode. I can't have been fun, and being sick must just have made everything worse too. *NLS hugs*

Well, if you are wanting to come back to LJ, I am completely behind you. There is something that FB lacks - an allowance for a decent word count in a post. You are too good a writer to not keep up with it, even if it is just an account of your day. :)
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