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Just an amusing quote from the 2.5 year old today: "Sometimes my toots have poopies in them."

We spent the morning cleaning out a closet in out bathroom upstairs. (For those of you who may not remember, we live with my grandparents in the upstairs of their house.) We found a wide range of items: bathroom cleaners from the 80's, fire trap electric blankets, pillows barely thicker than a sheet of card stock, photo albums from the late 1800's, linen table clothes and a piece of HOME SPUN plaid fabric that was spun, dyed and woven by my great grandmother. I honestly could not tell the difference between it and the store bought fabric that was also in there. Amazing.

Oh there was also a 3 yard square of school bus yellow naugahyde. Hee hee! I told my mom she should make a mini skirt out of it and she gave me a look that meant that she might have actually had one ;)

I am going to take some before pictures of the bathroom before we rip up the aqua blue carpet so that I can show you all what a big difference it is when it is done and fabulous.


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Nov. 18th, 2009 12:55 pm (UTC)
Bwa! Hogan will tell me "That one was tooties, not poops."
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