My six-year-old son talking about two of his classmates this week.

Boy: Mommy, Kiki and Masarat have the same face.

Me:(Aware that Kiki does not have a twin and having never heard about Masarat) Really?

Boy: Well, Masarat’s face is a little longer than Kiki’s. But they have the same face.

Me: (Wondering if Masarat might a new student who is Asian, like Kiki; as Kiki is the only Asian girl my son has ever met in our small Midwestern town of 6000 people) Are Masarat’s eyes like Kiki’s?

Boy: No, but they have the same face other than that.

Me: (wondering if there is another girl named Kiki that I don’t know about in his school) Sweetie, what language does Kiki speak at home?

Boy: Chinese, I think.

Me:(Yup, that is the Kiki I know about. We have large African and Hispanic immigrant populations in our town, hence the next question.) What language does Masarat speak at home?

Boy: Her mommy and daddy speak French.

Me: (trying to figure out how these two girls look the same) Do Kiki and Masarat have the same color of skin?

Boy: (looks at me like I am crazy) No. Kiki is pink like me, and Masarat is really dark brown.

Me: Okay…

Boy: But they still have the same face.


I wrote something

In Answer
by ladytory

You were sunlight slipped through rain
warm, golden
You were music traveled down telephone lines
in the dark

I can still hear your fingers on the strings
remember bedrooms slept in when you
long-distance played me deep into sleep

You were dancing, movies, the mall and
warm leather jackets

A smile to big to believe
A voice deep enough to drown
Sixteen and beautiful
Twenty-four and terrified

You were the one who always needed but
never really wanted

You were hands in denim pockets, flannel shirts,
cigarettes and chew

I almost kissed you that last time
Stood in your dad’s driveway
Neither quite able to let go
(Did you know it was the last time?)
Wanted to tell you to spit that crap out
Then kiss you until my tongue
Was wintergreen nicotine numb
(I didn’t.)

You were a person and persona
a character, a dream
a friend and a stranger
an aching kind of comfort
what if, if only
often a regret

You were loved, here or gone, some
twenty years

Take it. No need to give it back.

You have always been a gift.

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So, I am putting this here 1) Because I doubt terribly many people are still reading here as I hardly ever post and 2) because the majority of my Facebook friends don't need to start crying again.

Yesterday, I buried one of my best friends who I have known since I started junior high. Our lockers were right next to each other for 4 years in high school. Most of my best, funniest and favorite stories from that time in my life feature her prominently. She was 36. She had 4 children 16, 10, 6 and 5.

Her son who just turned 5, is my son's best friend. They were on the same t-ball team this summer, they are in the same pre-K class. For the entire school year, until a few weeks ago when I started back to work, I gave her son a ride to and from school every day to make it easier for her to go back to school to become a nurse. Since I started work, Max's dad has been helping out in the same way. Her son's only request for his 5th birthday party was that he and Max(my little guy) get to go to a local play place/arcade together for the day. So that was what we did. I remember thinking, and I am pretty sure I said that the two of us would probably be doing this for years to come-- watching our two boys together as they played sports and went through school together. I was looking forward to it.

But Friday, on her way to nursing school, she swerved to miss a deer and her van went off the road. She was not wearing her seat belt.

And now I don't get to watch our boys grow up together WITH her. But I feel like I should do it FOR her. And for her little boy who now has no mommy to watch him grow up.

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So, mostly I have been crocheting all day trying to finish an order for baby blanket and matching beanie hat, interspersed with breaks to wallow around in Reichenbach reaction Sherlock fic.

For the slashily inclined, I highly recommend emmagrant01's Light in the Darkness (S/J)It was basically everything my brain wanted after the episode, so of course spoilers abound!

Have also seen some nice fic from Molly's POV, which I am greatly enjoying as well.

I think I may have a new obsession. I need new icons.
H/G and R/Hr

My Owl Finally Arrived!!

I am NightWatch188 on Pottermore!!

Comment here if you would like to be added!

I was silly and did not write down everyone's names as they were posted here.

See you there!!!

ETA: Got sorted into RAVENCLAW!!!! Yay!
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Merlin Meme Hee hee!

You're Merlin!
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Just saw the latest X-Men Movie. X-Men First Class. SPOILERS! Close your eyes and scroll on past if you don't want even the slightest spoilers!!!

Spoiler free space

Mark my words fangirls, mark my words:

The Professor Xavier/Magneto slash fic is going to be EPIC.

EPIC, I tell you.

At one point in the movie, I honestly thought that they were going to kiss. They didn't, but they could have and it would not have been out of character for either one of them. And it would have fit in with the story and the dialogue. So there is THAT.

I give it three days.

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My kid used the word "bite-force transducer" correctly in a sentence tonight at dinner. I think that he might be watching the Discovery Channel Dinosaur Essentials DVDs a BIT too much.

And a passing public service announcement to people writing up their profiles for internet dating sites: "Conceded" and "Conceited" are two different words with two very different meanings. I am going to change my profile to reflect the fact that I am looking for a man who actually knows the difference between the two.